Let me take you on a magic ride through the fairy tale countryside of the Black Forest.

But be prepared!!!! Witches, dwarfs and ancient knights may come across.

Follow Me Tour

You follow me with your car or hop into mine and I will lead you through selected clock shops in our area, to a famous local woodcarver and to a bee keeper. We will end at the lovely Reinertonishof ANNO 1619 to have some snacks and drinks.


Cuckoo clocks

Since nearly 300 years clocks and manufacturing of clocks belong to Black Forest culture like the famous Black Forest Cake.

On our tour we will take you to stores which lead you under professional guidance through their assortment of original and unique clocks.(especially cuckoo/grandfathers clocks)

Clock History

No other kind of craftsmanship so personifies the character of the region's people and landscape. Making the best out of existing resources, with great skill and hard work, called for endurance and ingenuity.

Black Forest wooden clocks, of which there are of course many different kinds, with or without cuckoo, have now become synonymous all over the world for the Black Forest.


Visit a local woodcarver which is located in the lovely valley of Nussbach. While smelling the wonderful scent of wood see how a masterpiece of carving arises out of a block of wood.

If you are interested in staying overnight at the woodcarver's house click here.

Bee keeper - Black Forest sweetness

Come see how Mr. Burkhart, a local bee keeper, pampers his bees! While tasting different sorts of honey and honey liqueur he will tell you all about apiculture in the Black Forest.


The farming museum was built in 1619 and is one of the oldest moorland farms in the entire Black Forest. It has been preserved in its original state.

The Duffner family welcomes you to their museum and restaurant.
More than 20 ponies are waiting in the stalls to be ridden or hitched to a carriage.

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